Men's Health

This page gives brief information on some men's health issues and conditions that you may be interested in, and includes some links to articles and websites which we believe provide reliable information.

Prostate Cancer

Many men begin to have problems with their prostate as they get older. The problems usually affect the passing of urine. Most problems are caused by simple enlargement of the prostate, but a few are caused by cancer.

Men's Health Check

Men's Health Check is both a physical and mental health check.

Men can sometimes be quite bad at getting themselves checked and often have the “She’ll be right” attitude.

When was the last time you have a good check-up?

From the age of 45 men should start regular health checks and men of Maori, Pacific and South Asian ethnicity should start regular health rates from the age of 30.

Frequency is based on your family history and your risk factors identified on blood tests and medical history taking – but usually a health check should be carried out every 5 years.

What's involved in a Men's Health Check?

The health check is carried out by a GP and during the consultation you will be asked questions about your family history and your habits ie. smoking.

  • We will also discuss further testing – ie. blood test for Cholesterol, blood sugar check and possibly a prostate test. This is an area that often needs more discussion with your GP and testing often depends on symptoms and family history.
  • A physical examination is undertaken (blood pressure etc) and if the prostate is evaluated a digital rectal examination (DRE) is done. It is important to do both the DRE and the blood test as each can tell us different things. 
  • During the consultation it is also an opportunity to raise concerns around your sexual health. As we age we may experience increased erectile dysfunction and there is treatment available for this.
  • We do a cardiovascular risk assessment that gives you a percentage risk of a significant cardiovascular event eg. heart attack/stroke within the next year. If this is high then we can provide medication to reduce this risk and follow you up closely.

Importantly we also question you about your mental health and well-being.

Men are not often good with discussing feelings but it is important to be able to do this with your doctor so he or she can point you in the right direction if you need help.

Skin checks are very important and usually involve another consultation with a skilled provider. Next to the Hamilton East Medical Centre we have the Hamilton Skin Cancer Centre where a full skin check can be undertaken. In New Zealand we are all at risk due to the harsh sun and we want all New Zealanders to be able to enjoy the outdoors safely.

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