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Please do not use the patient portal to book the following; it is advisable to book this on the phone.

  • First Appointment: If this is your first appointment with HEMC, please call us.

  • Driving Medical or Dive Medical.

  • Childhood Immunisations or 6-week Baby Check.

  • Insurance Medical.

  • Travel Consult or any minor surgery or procedures

    Note: We currently do not offer Immigration Medical Service 

Flu Vaccine

Get Your Flu Vaccine In Time For This Winter 

We will be holding dedicated flu vaccine clinics as well as weekend clinics on  Saturday the 6th and 13th of April 2024, from 8am to 12 pm.

A walk-in Covid-19 vaccine clinic will also be available during the Saturday clinics.  Please advise on booking if you would like a Covid-19 vaccine.

This year the vaccine for both funded and non-funded patients is Influvac Tetra  – further information on the eligibility criteria and the vaccine can be found here

The cost for a non-funded vaccine is $36.00.

We will also be offering Fluad Quad for over 65 years; this is a self-funded vaccine ($36.00 per vaccine) –further information can be found here

BOOK YOUR FLU VACCINE directly via your portal under Nurse, or by calling us on 07 839 1232