Hamilton East Medical Centre
Accepting new patients

Providing quality service is at the heart of everything we do.

We continually thrive to improve the quality and range of services we provide to our patients.

Hamilton East Medical Centre is a large modern, innovative general practice that was established in the 1940’s with a long history of providing excellent health care services to all our patients.

We have an extensive team of General Practitioners, with a diverse range of complementary skills and an abundance of medical expertise. Many have sub-specialty interest and skills in certain areas of health. 

Our large nursing team assist the doctors and also run our vaccinations, plastering service, blood tests and routine screening programs.

Our Vision at Dr Alex Stapleton at Hamilton East Medical Centre

Our Vision

Where Health Matters

Our Mission at Hamilton East Medical Centre

Our Mission

Our whaanau, caring for your whaanau

Our Values at Hamilton East Medical Centre

Our Values

  • Think quality
  • Whaanau focused
  • Partnership
  • Challenge yourself
  • Be agile
  • Look forward
  • Support others

We are a progressive and forward-thinking practice offering a wide range of medical services, to 18,000 patients.

We are a member of the Pinnacle Midlands Health Network, a not-for-profit primary health care management and development company, who set quarterly quality-based targets for the practice to achieve.

We offer specialist knowledge at Hamilton East Medical Centre

Why choose Hamilton East Medical Centre?

  • We are a community based general practice providing a quality service and treatments, ensuring great patient care.
  • Large number of doctors with a diverse range of skills and knowledge
  • Highly skilled nursing team, including a Nurse Practitioner. 
  • Modern forward-thinking practice
  • Specialised services offered
  • Specialised knowledge areas
  • Great communication provided
  • Often ranked No.1 in achievement of quality targets
  • Great facilities, and parking