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We provide all the normal services that you would expect from a general practice, however there are some other areas where we can help….


  • Diabetic Clinic

    We have a diabetic clinic that provides support on issues such as diet, blood glucose testing, treatment options, and we offer a free diabetic annual review.

  • My Indici

    An online tool for you to manage your health at your convenience, book appointments and check out test results.

  • Plaster Service

    Our nurses can apply plaster paris and fibreglass casts for fractures. 

  • Skin Checks

    Hamilton Skin Cancer Centre is located right next door and is supported by two of our doctors who provide skin checks, mole mapping and skin surgery.

  • Smoking Cessation Programme

    We offer a smoking cessation programme, qualified support and guidance over a six week period to help you quit for good.

  • Sports medicine

    We have specialist experience in sports medicine which often requires a team approach and referals to other specialists to help with diagnosis and appropriate treatments. 

  • Travel Doctor

    Our travel team have completed postgraduate training in Travel Medicine and are up to date with all current disease outbreaks

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