What we do


At Hamilton East Medical Centre a number of the doctors provide specialised contraception services.

Diabetes clinic

Our diabetes clinic aims to create partnerships between doctors, nurses and patients with diabetes.

Healthy Lifestyle Centre

Our Healthy Lifestyle Centre provides professional healthy lifestyle services to help improve your good health.

Ear microsuction

We offer a gentle, safe and modern ear microsuctioning service to clean the ear canal and ensure good ear health.

Minor surgery

Our doctors are skilled in the removal of moles, skin lesions, and other minor surgical treatment.

NAEVUS Mole Mapping and Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand but the good news is melanoma is readily preventable.

Sports medicine

Dr Zig Khouri has special training and experience in sports medicine and has a Diploma in Sports Medicine.

Travel medicine

Dr Carolyn Holmes and Dr Manisha Saini run The Travel Doctor clinic at Hamilton East Medical Centre.

Urgent doctor service

The urgent doctor service is available in case of accident or an emergency situation and your own GP is unavailable.

Our medical practice

Hamilton East Medical Centre is a large, modern, innovative general practice medical clinic. It provides services to a patient base of just over 17,000 registered patients. The practice itself was founded in the 1940s and has operated from several premises. In 2000, the practice shifted into the purpose-built building on Beale Street with 11 of the GPs being shareholders in the company of Hamilton East Medical Centre Limited.

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